Get ready for the 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme

Discover what’s in store for the 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme – and what it means for you

With our 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme concluding on 31 March, we’re excited to announce our plans for this year’s Programme which kicks off on 1 April. 

The Connectivity Partner Programme is designed to help strengthen our collaboration, grow our businesses together and create more value for our mutual properties. As a result of your feedback, you can expect the 2022 Partner Programme to be:

  • Consistent with last year: limited changes to the programme requirements 
  • Clear and actionable insights on the Connectivity Hub: more information on your status and actions to make it easier to act on requirements
  • Enhanced programme benefits: more value to our partnership   

Our partnership in 2022

The last two years have been about constant resilience and learning. Despite the many challenges, we know the appetite to travel is strong. There is still a lot of uncertainty but as it becomes safe for people to travel once more, we will be ready to help your properties capture pent-up demand. 

More than ever, we can’t wait to reconnect with you in person when the time is right. The 2022 Partner Programme benefits are a reflection of this sentiment, with more exclusive offerings and moments to connect and solidify our partnership. 

Improving your ‘logged-in’ platform experience on our Connectivity Hub

We introduced our Connectivity Hub last year, which is where you can find the Partner Programme. The Partner Programme will continue to live on Connectivity Hub, and the 2022 Programme will automatically update at the start of the new programme year (1 April). While there are limited changes to the programme, you will notice a difference in your logged in experience. These differences focus on increasing the visibility and actionability of your programme performance. 

Sign in to your provider account and find information on your current Partner Programme performance.

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  • The 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme concludes on 31 March
  • The 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme launches 1 April
  • You can find more information about this year’s programme by logging in to the Connectivity Hub

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