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Get more bookings for vacation rentals with quality ratings

In 2019 Booking.com launched the first quality rating system specifically for vacation rentals. Find out how quality ratings can boost bookings and improve experiences.

The first rating system specifically for vacation rentals

Hotel star rating systems are widely recognised as a way of comparing the quality of hotels. But there has never been an equivalent rating system for other types of accommodation, which disadvantages both travellers and hosts. That’s why in 2019 Booking.com launched the quality rating. It’s the first of its kind: a consistent and objective rating system specifically for apartments, holiday homes and villas around the world.

How do we calculate quality ratings?

A property’s quality rating is calculated using a machine learning algorithm. This takes into account over 400 factors that can help travellers understand and compare the quality of different properties. These factors include size, location and facilities.

In the past, partners could add star ratings to vacation rentals using the Content API. Now star ratings only apply to hotels. Booking.com will automatically assign a quality rating to eligible vacation rentals.

Eligible properties will receive a quality rating score from 1 to 5, with 5 indicating the highest quality. The score is shown in the form of yellow tiles next to the property’s name. To make sure quality ratings remain accurate and locally relevant, they are regularly recalculated and benchmarked against nearby properties.

Comparing the two systems

Star rating systems

Booking.com’s quality rating system

  • Designed for hotels

  • Designed for vacation rentals

  • There are multiple star rating associations with different criteria and standards

  • Only awarded on Booking.com, using machine learning to consider over 400 standardised criteria

  • Ratings consider facilities and services

  • Ratings consider guests’ needs and expectations, including facilities and services

  • Properties have to be evaluated and rated by a recognised organisation

  • Rating happens automatically and is free of charge for eligible properties, so no evaluation or certification is needed

  • Rating is awarded once and then stays the same

  • Rating is regularly recalculated, so it reflects current accommodation quality


How quality ratings add value for your properties and guests

An objective, standardised rating system makes it easier for travellers to compare the quality of properties all over the world. It also provides extra reassurance for guests booking apartments, holiday homes or villas for the first time. By managing expectations, quality ratings lead to better bookings, stays and travel experiences.

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  • Booking.com’s new quality rating system is designed specifically for homes and apartments
  • It’s no longer possible to assign star ratings to vacation rentals – these are only for hotels
  • Quality ratings help manage guest expectations, improving travel experiences and boosting bookings

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