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Get extra points in the Partner Programme by joining our first product incentive of 2020

Let's work together during these challenging times to improve our ways of working together and prepare for the future.

During this challenging situation, we want to support you every way we can. One way we’re doing this is by giving you an opportunity to earn more points by taking part in our product incentive. By taking part, you’ll not only earn more points – but your business will be better prepared for when the world starts to travel again.

The ‘Products & Quality’ category in the partner programme focuses on how to improve the communication between, Connectivity partners and connected properties. By offering a range of APIs, products and features in properties’ interface of choice, we’re helping maintain a high-quality connection between you and your properties.

From 8 April to 30 November, we’ll award extra points to partners who implement new products and features. Extra points will be awarded in addition to the bonus points that are given for first-time product implementation. We’ll explain more below about how many points will be awarded for what, but if you have any more questions you’ll find more information in the programme manual or by asking your Partner Business Manager.

Earn points by implementing new API products and features

  • Opportunities API (100 extra points): A performance-focused API product that’ll reinforce your position as a commercial partner to your properties and help them grow their revenue. We have recently enhanced the Opportunities API by adding some new features to it, including the high demand date inventory opportunity feature. By developing this feature, you’ll be awarded 50 points.
  • Room and Rate Plan Management API (100 extra points): An API that allows you to add rooms and rates to a property.
  • Promotions API (30 extra points per feature): An API that offers a number of deals: Basic Deal, Last Minute Deal, Early Booker Deal, Business Booker (based on property eligibility), Country Rates and Mobile Rates.
  • Pricing Models  - Rates & Availability API (50 extra points): This helps you maximise performance by giving us missing occupancy prices either through occupancy-based pricing (OBP), length of stay (LOS) or derived pricing. 
  • Payments Clarity Package (50 extra points): A bundle of tags in the Reservations API that gives your properties visibility of important Virtual Credit Card (VCC) information, including the current balance, card activation date, expiry date and price breakdown.
  • Vacation Rental Essentials (30 extra points per feature): A curated selection of features to cater to the needs of businesses with Vacation Rentals in their portfolio. For features such as property profile, key collection, damage deposit or guest misconduct.

You’ll receive extra points if one of the APIs or features listed above is implemented before 30 November. The implementation will be considered valid when a minimum of 10 active properties (excluding test properties) have used the API or feature. 

The total extra points earned will be added to your overall score no later than 15 December.

Conditions for receiving extra points

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Note: at this stage the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the incentive is still unclear, but we’ll keep track of the developments and make any necessary adjustments if needed.

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