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Flexible Children Rates

Help your properties to optimise their pricing strategy by offering more flexibility, in addition to fixed and free pricing, with Flexible Children Rates.

Considered a high-value traveller segment, families currently represent 31% of summer searches on our platform. They also stay an average of 28% longer and book at rates 27% higher than couples and solo travellers.

To help accommodation partners attract this lucrative market, we’ve introduced Flexible Children Rates – offering your properties the opportunity to better customise their family pricing. 

Why should I implement Flexible Children Rates

With our existing Children Rates available via the Content API, properties can allow children to stay for free or for a fixed fee – which is set at a property level. But we know from feedback that our accommodation partners want more flexibility than this. 

Flexible Children Rates are designed to offer properties more flexibility by enabling them to tailor their offering in a way that best fits their needs and pricing strategy. 

  • Unlike the current property-level pricing, Flexible Children Rates allow accommodation partners to set different prices per room and rate plan
  • Instead of only a free or fixed price, Flexible Children Rates can also be priced as a percentage of the room rate
  • If your properties want to maintain free stays for children but charge them for breakfast, for example, pricing can now be added to relevant meal plans

What’s important to know

This new solution is most suitable for properties that offer any type of per-guest pricing, as well as properties with per-room/unit pricing that allows more guests than the maximum adult occupancy.

As all flexible children pricing is individually set on a room rate level, we recommend that accommodation partners clean out duplicate rooms or rates so that longer term mistakes – such as mapping issues or overbooking – are avoided. 

Properties can set up to three age buckets for children prices. For each age bucket, they can create different rates for every room and rate plan, but it’s not necessary. They can also choose to maintain one age bucket – such as a minimum age of 0 and maximum age of 17 – as default. Once at least one age bucket is created, they can simply select the rooms and rate plans they want family pricing to apply to.

How properties can set up Flexible Children Rates

There are two ways you can offer your properties Flexible Children Rates, and you should choose the one that caters best to your needs:

  1. Room Rate Management API – This API allows properties to set up Flexible Children Rates at a room rate level. 
  2. Rates and Availability API – This API accommodates more exceptions by allowing properties to set up Flexible Children Rates based on both the room rate and date. 

Additionally, where the Content API isn’t used, properties can use the extranet to set up their age buckets.

Get started with Flexible Children Rates

API documentation

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  • Help your properties attract more family bookers with our new Flexible Children Rates

  • With Flexible Children Rates, your properties can customise their pricing portfolio to better match their needs and revenue strategy 

  • This new solution enables you to offer per child, per room, per rate plan and percentage-based pricing for families

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