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Thank you for participating in our Property Performance course 

We’d like to thank all of you who have taken the Property Performance course in the Education section of the Connectivity Hub and shared your feedback with us. 

Your feedback was hugely positive and encouraged us to keep working on new lessons for 2020. Our Connectivity partner Bnovo told us their team found the Property Performance lessons very useful.

The main value of these lessons is that they give very accurate recommendations and predict understandable results for properties. Our partners understand how to act according to the recommendations and how this will help them increase their bookings. - Bnovo

When we developed the course, we aimed to go beyond thinking about performance on but also address how properties can maximise their presence online to attract as many bookers with the right availability, pricing and policies. We believe this course benefits sales and support teams in offering the best commercial advice to properties. Hotel Link agreed with this saying:

Every day when we meet clients, we receive a lot of questions related to knowledge. The course helps us provide this knowledge, helping us to better support our customers. Our team loved doing the course! - Hotel Link

We’re very proud to announce that over 1,000 users have taken the first lesson on the Focus Finder and over 700 users have taken the second lesson on how to improve a portfolio’s performance. Many of you have shared positive feedback with us and asked us to keep adding more courses. 

So what’s next for the education section? In the beginning of 2020 we’ll launch a newly improved format for our lessons, making it easier for partners to see their progression when completing a lesson. We’ll also be building a new homepage for the Education section, so keep an eye out for that! 

We want to make sure we’re offering you courses that fit your business needs and help your teams develop so we’d love to hear what courses you think we should create next on the Education section.

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By sharing your feedback via this short survey, you’ll earn five points in the programme under the Engagement category. Please bear in mind your feedback may be shared on our channels in the future.

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  • Thank you to those who participated in our first Connectivity course
  • Find out what’s coming up in our Education section this year
  • We’d like to hear what courses you think we should build in 2020 

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