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Find out how we’re improving your property onboarding experience

A smooth, effective onboarding process is key to meeting property owners’ needs and helping you onboard more properties and grow your business. The most recent improvements to the onboarding flow make that easier than ever.

We know that the smoother and more intuitive the onboarding process is for new properties, the sooner those properties can feel the benefits of working with a Connectivity Partner.That’s why we’ve been busy making a number of improvements to the property onboarding flow – here are some of the highlights:

New updates to the Content API

Meal plan functionality extended to the Full Content Read

After launching the Full Content Read last month, we’ve now expanded it to include meal plan functionality. Properties can now specify whether their breakfast is served à la carte or as a buffet. The ‘Items’ and ‘OperationTimes’ elements can now also be read, which makes it possible to specify what’s served for breakfast and when. Read the API documentation

Turn CVC code collection on and off

Connectivity Partners can now choose to turn payment card CVC code collection on and off directly from the Provider Portal. This means you can collect CVC codes without having to contact us to resolve issues that arise when collecting payments from guests. Visit the Partner Portal

Filter by property type with the Licence Check API

It’s now possible to filter by property type to see if a licence is required for a specific property – regardless of the general licence requirements at a regional level. The request parameter for this feature is ‘property_type_id’. Read the API documentation

Floor level information

Choosing a specific room or floor level is important for the majority of guests – travellers like staying on a high floor four times more than the ground floor. So we’ve made it possible to specify a room’s floor level and the total number of floors in the building. This feature is specified using ‘RoomLocation’. Read the API documentation

More onboarding improvements

To read more about all the topics discussed during our recent webinar session, take a look at the new Content API - Property Management solution page. It includes a comprehensive overview of the Full Content Read, the Licence Check API, Connection Status, Error Guide and the Property Page Score.

Onboarding improvements for new properties

The new Features page on the extranet helps properties looking for a new Connectivity Partner to match their needs with the services you provide. This page lists the key features that can offer, and highlights which ones you currently support. It’s a win-win because it lets you showcase your services while helping meet property owners’ needs.

For properties switching Connectivity Partners, we’ve added the Quick Switch solution. This grants the new provider read-only access for mapping while maintaining the existing provider connection. Using Quick Switch we’ve cut the connection downtime between properties and providers down to zero. As a result, properties can now switch providers without closing their listings and missing out on bookings – and Connectivity Partners can fast-track the onboarding process.

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  • The updated Content API now includes Full Content Read access, CVC code activation and deactivation, License Check API functionality and floor level information
  • Onboarding properties that are moving from one provider to another is now faster using the Quick Switch process
  • Implementing the Content API has helped Rentals United achieve new levels of success

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