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Earn points by joining the 2021 Solutions Deal

With the launch of the new Connectivity Partner Programme in April, we’ll kick off the first Connectivity Solutions Deal of 2021

The 2021 Partner Programme begins 1 April, and we’ll be kicking it off with a new Connectivity Solutions Deal (formerly Products & Quality). This is your chance to earn even more programme points by implementing features from one of these four selected solutions categories.

Onboarding Solutions: 4 points per feature

Onboarding Solutions bundle: This year we’re introducing Onboarding Solutions, a bundle of APIs to simplify the onboarding process for new properties. While it was previously only required to implement the Content API in order to enable these actions, this bundle  collects all relevant and critical APIs for welcoming new properties.

Licenses API: The Licenses API provides a scalable way for properties to stay compliant with local license requirements. It enables you to retrieve up-to-date license requirements on a unit and property level, while offering the ability to submit license information in the required format. As soon as a new license requirement is introduced, it can be managed through the Licences API.

Accommodation Partner Contracting: This solution makes contracting new partners easier and should get your properties live faster. It represents a hybrid solution that uses the Contracting API in conjunction with the Accommodation Partner Contracting feature (accessible via ‘feature management’) to build properties directly with mandatory legal details (similar to the independent property creation flow). It gives you the ability to choose the level of control that suits your business. 

Pricing Solutions: 4 points per feature

Pricing Solutions: We are introducing Pricing Solutions, aiming to support you with clarity on the most optimal pricing setup and solutions available.  With this new approach, we aim to give you better clarity on optimal API usage for discount purposes, showing you where operational efficiencies can be achieved with the Promotions API.

Length of Stay (LoS) weekly: More guests are searching for stays longer than a week, and we’ve created a way for you to help your properties capture this demand by allowing the setup of pricing for weekly stays.

Solo Occupancy and Group Occupancy Pricing: Make sure your properties aren’t missing out on demand with Occupancy Based Pricing and Solo Rates. This allows for different prices for different occupancies and can help your partners attract both solo and group travellers.

Families: Families stay on average 28% longer and book at a 27% higher rate than solo travellers and couples. Properties can target this valuable segment by adding Child Rates. Use our APIs to easily set up rooms and rates for families.

Mobile Rates: Guests browsing on a mobile device get special discounts, and our research shows mobile bookings increase by 26% when properties activate this discount. Plus, with 66% of mobile bookings coming from Millennials, offering mobile rates can help properties target a younger audience.

Country Rates: Support your properties to set specific discounts for travellers from selected countries, allowing them to attract guests from the markets they’re looking to target.

Payment Solutions: 2 Points 

Payments Clarity Package: This solution helps your properties know what to charge, when to charge and how much to charge. Designed to bridge the information gap between the extranet and Connectivity platforms, this integrated solution is made up of the Price Clarity feature (the ‘inContent authoringclude_price_details’ item that shows the price breakdown) and three virtual credit card (VCC) tags: VCC Activation Date tag (when to charge), VCC Current Balance tag (how much to charge), VCC Expiry Date tag (when the VCC expires).

Room and Rate Plan Management APIs (4 points per feature): The Room and Rate Plan Management APIs are a group of four modular APIs that enable your properties to proactively create, update and delete rooms and rate plans (among other essential tasks) straight from your system. The Rate Plan Assignment, Rate Plan Management and Room Management APIs were once part of the larger Content API, but can now be implemented independently, helping you more easily assign development time and resources.

The selection of solutions for the deal is based on the products that we know will benefit our properties most during the northern hemisphere’s peak season in Q3. More information will be shared soon, but you can already opt-in if you’re interested in participating.

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  • The 2021 Partner Programme begins 1 April, kicking off with a new Connectivity Solutions Deal - opt-in now to get started in Q2
  • Earn points by instituting features of the new Onboarding Solutions bundle, which collects all APIs critical for onboarding  
  • Set your partners up for the recovery - and earn points while doing it - by implementing features from a wide range of Pricing Solutions
  • Payment Solutions and Room and Rate Management APIs round out the point-earning opportunities for this deal

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