Earn extra points by promoting pricing products

Earn up to 50 points in our Connectivity Partner Programme while helping your properties grow their business

Last month – as part of the Connectivity Partner Programme (CPP) – we announced a new pricing deal designed with your success (and your properties’ performance) in mind. It lets you earn points by promoting three of our most effective pricing products to your properties. 

How the deal works

You can register for this deal until 30 November 2022. You’ll then have from 1 October 2022 until 31 March 2023 to promote the included pricing products and earn up to 50 CPP points.

There are a variety of ways to earn points:

  • Launch an email campaign – 8 points
  • Publish a blog article – 8 points
  • Add a banner or pop-up to your interface – 10 points
  • Organise a webinar/training – 15 points

The pricing products

  • Mobile Rates – a targeted pricing tool that allows properties to offer a discounted rate to customers on mobile devices. More than half (59%) of all bookings on our platform are made on a mobile device, so learning how to set up Mobile Rates is extremely important.
  • Country Rates – these enable properties to offer targeted discounts to customers in specific countries and regions. By setting up Country Rates, your properties can tap into new markets while boosting their visibility on our platform.
  • Pricing per guest (PPG) – lets properties set different rates for the same room or unit based on the number of guests staying in it, the length of the stay or a combination of both. Setting up PPG helps properties maximise occupancy and improve their visibility in search results.

How to make the most of this deal

To help you promote these pricing products, we’ve created custom-designed and ready-to-use marketing kits for Mobile Rates and Country Rates. They include email copy, digital banners and social media posts – all translated into nine of our mutual property partners' most commonly used languages. 

To access the marketing kits, log in to the Connectivity Hub and click on 'download' from the dropdown menu on the 'Resources' tab.

Register for the pricing deal 

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  • Register for the new pricing deal before the end of November and promote the included pricing products to earn up to 50 CPP points
  • Pricing products include: Mobile Rates, Country Rates and Pricing per guest (PPG)
  • Custom-designed and ready-to-use marketing kits are available to download via the Connectivity Hub

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