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Earn extra Connectivity programme points with our end-of-year-deal

Implement our products and opportunities to get up to 400 points.

Whether it’s a snowy Nordic getaway or a beach escape to Thailand, our research shows that the majority of bookings towards the end of 2019 will come from holidaying couples and families.

That gives your properties a great chance to make the most of the season. All those families and couples will be looking for bargains to get the best value for their holiday budget – and your properties can attract some of these guests.

Here are a few ways your properties can make sure this popular end-of-year travel season boosts their revenue:

  • Offer guests an amazing online and offline experience. Guests that have an amazing experience are more likely to leave a positive review. Making sure they know where to pick up their keys, or letting them send questions before they book, are just two of the things your properties can do to help make trips go smoothly.

  • Join Preferred to boost visibility in search results. Encourage your properties to join the Preferred programme, so they’ll be seen by more potential guests, and convert more lookers into bookers. This can result in up to 65% more page views and 35% more bookings.

  • Save time with automatic replies to guests. Help your properties’ front desk teams save time by sending automatic replies to simple, common guest requests. This tool can even use the information already shown in a property’s listing to generate automatic replies.

Earn extra points by using our products and opportunities before 2019 is out

As we approach the end of the year, we’re giving you the chance to earn extra points with two deals – one for products and another for opportunities. Here’s what you need to know about them both:

Year-end product deal

From 1 October to 31 December 2019, we’ll give you 100 extra points if you implement the Opportunities API and 50 extra points for implementing the Promotions API. This is in addition to the 15 bonus points you already get the first time you implement a product.

Even better, implement both products before 31 December and we’ll double your extra points – meaning that for implementing both the Opportunities and Promotions APIs you’ll come away with 300 points.

Note: we’ll consider that you’ve implemented a product if 10 or more of your properties (not including test properties) use a feature in the API that you’ve implemented.

Year-end opportunities deal

You can also earn a further 100 points by reaching a 3% attributed implementation ratio or 700 attributed implementations between 1 October and 31 December 2019.

For this deal, these are the opportunities that you can choose to implement:

  • Business rate

  • Netflix

  • Key collection

  • Pre-booking messages

  • Genius

  • Preferred 

  • Automatic replies

  • Messaging template

While the deal is going on, we’ll update you on how many more opportunities you need to implement to earn the extra points – so keep an eye on your inbox.

And if you want a quick win, we’ll give you the 100 points straight away if you bulk implement one of these opportunities on at least half of your properties.

If you are a Property Management Company (PMC) with a direct connection or if you are a provider with PMCs, you can quickly implement opportunities for your properties using Group Connect. To earn the extra points, you’ll need to achieve a 7% attributed implementation ratio or 1,100 attributed implementations.

Note: to be eligible for this deal, you must have a minimum of 400 eligible opportunities (based on data pulled September 1, 2019).

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  • We expect couples and families to make the most bookings towards the end of 2019
  • By using our products and opportunities, your properties can attract their share of these guests
  • You can earn up to 400 extra points before the end of the year with our special products and opportunities deals

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