Earn up to 25 points by joining the Q3 Property Performance Deal

Help your properties prepare for renewed demand while earning points in our programme

The rollout of vaccines in many parts of the world means that we’re finally starting to see pent-up demand turn into bookings. As demand rises, we want to make sure your properties are set up for success by catering to the key traveller behaviours we’re seeing right now. Based on our data, this year’s travellers are: 

  1. Searching for stays in June, July, August and September – more than one-third of our searches are now for summer months.
  2. Looking for flexibility – 90% of travellers are booking flexible rates this summer.
  3. Planning to stay longer – we’re seeing a higher proportion of summer stays for seven days or more than we saw in 2019. 
  4. Seeking safety reassurance – partners who display their health and safety measures see 11% more bookings. 
  5. Making more Genius bookings – partners who offer Genius rates have seen 29% more bookings since we expanded membership. 
  6. Booking more on our app and mobile – more than two-thirds of bookings on our platform are now made on mobile devices. 

To help properties make the most of this pivotal time, we’ve created a 2021 Traveller Insights Guide, connecting customer insights to the solutions that can help your properties attract and capitalise on today’s traveller. 

Earn up to 25 points

We’ve put together a Q3 Property Performance Deal to help you make sure your properties are set up for success. You can earn up to 25 points by completing the below actions to promote views of the 2021 Traveller Insights Guide. As soon as you register for the deal, you will find a link to upload evidence of your marketing activities.

Launch an email campaign – 5 points 

We’ve prepared an email that you can send to your properties to help them maximise success. You can download the template directly from your portal. Alternatively, you can reach out to your Partner Business Manager or our Connectivity support team. 

Add a banner to your user interface – 6 points 

Send a message to your properties from your user interface that links to the guide and encourages them to discover key insights about this year’s traveller. 

Publish a blog article – 5 points 

Sharing information through your blog can be a great way to reach out to properties with insights and advice to help them capture demand. This kind of long-form communication gives you an opportunity to share more and dive deeper into specific topics. 

Organise a webinar – 10 points

Show your properties how to tap into demand by hosting a webinar that shares our traveller insights.

Promote the guide on social media – 2 points 

Help get the word out by promoting the guide on your social media account. You’ll receive 2 points per post – up to 6 points by sharing it across multiple platforms.  

How do I use UTM codes?

When referencing the article to your properties always use the following link (English only):

That’s it! 

By working together, we can meet the needs of today’s travellers and make the most of this pivotal time.

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  • With more than one-third of all searches on our platform now for summer months, summer is in full force in the northern hemisphere

  • We’ve put together the Q3 Property Performance Deal to help your properties capitalise on the renewed demand we’re seeing
  • By organising marketing activities that promote visits to our 2021 Traveller Insights Guide, you can help your properties prepare for this key time – while earning up to 25 points
  • This deal is time-sensitive. To participate, make sure you opt in by 31 July, 2021

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