Hackathon 2019

Discover the winner of the 2019 Connectivity Hackathon

Five teams from across the world competed to win the first-ever Connectivity Hackathon.

Last week saw us host our first-ever Connectivity Hackathon – and not that the dust has settled, we’d love to share some of our highlights with you. 

Selecting five finalists to join us in Amsterdam was no easy feat, since we received 33 innovative proposals from providers across the globe. After carefully reviewing and scoring all submissions, we managed to narrow our list down to five projects.

The following teams were selected based on the originality, innovativeness, technical merit and business impact of their idea:

  • Bookingsync/Smily: Their project focused on creating a new standard for sustainable rentals, based on the accommodations’ amenities and facilities 

  • Nextpax: Their idea was to hack and simplify the Promotions API, Reviews API and Messaging API to make them accessible for property managers with 5,000+ accommodations  

  • Futurestay: Their Automatic Reservation Upgrade project focused on giving guests the option of a room upgrade in order to open up availability on less expensive room types

  • 5stelle: Their idea was to bring availability and pricing data directly to PMS to boost properties’ online performance

  • Djubo: Their goal was to simplify the check-in process for guests at the accommodation by enabling web check-in via the Booking.com app

On November 25 & 26, these five finalists joined forces with Booking.com’s tech teams to compete in the first-ever Connectivity Hackathon, hosted at Zoku Amsterdam.  

Two days of coding and collaborating

Over the course of two days, all five teams worked closely with Booking.com developers, product managers and product marketing managers to develop and fine-tune their ideas. The enthusiasm, collaborative spirit and innovative thinking of all participants created quite a buzz leading up to the final presentations. 

At 15:00 on November 26, the teams presented their final results in front of our jurors – who were very impressed with the high quality of work produced in only two days. Finally, after 45 minutes of tough deliberations, the jury chose Djubo as the winner of our very first Connectivity Hackathon. 

A few words from the jury on Djubo and their Express Check-in project

Djubo’s project showed great merit, innovativeness and strong business impact for Booking.com, the provider and the guest in a true win-win-win situation. We were also extremely impressed with the team, who showed great collaborative spirit – working remotely over two days as they were unable to physically join the event. 

Congratulations to Djubo, and a big thank-you to all finalists for joining us in Amsterdam and making our first hackathon a success!

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  • Five finalists travelled to Amsterdam to compete
  • Two full days of ideation and collaboration between Connectivity providers and Booking.com teams
  • Djubo’s Express Check-In project took first place

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