Roadmap 2020

Discover our refreshed Connectivity Product Roadmap

What’s in store for the rest of the year? Find out more about our upcoming product launches and how they can help your properties recover.

Earlier this year we shared our 2020 Product Roadmap to help you plan your product development and support your properties even better. However, this year has been especially challenging so far, with the Coronavirus strongly impacting all our partners across the travel industry.

In the last six months our Connectivity team has been doing everything we can to help our partners address urgent concerns, while continuing to deliver on our product development commitments. And we’re going to continue doing this for the next six months, while supporting you and your properties’ recovery.

So what’s in store for H2?

We’ll continue to:

  • Add to the list of recovery-focussed opportunities available in the Opportunities API, to offer tailored advice to your properties to help them capture travel demand.
  • Introduce more relevant outage alerts, develop simpler onboarding and create more clarity around payments.
  • Add more features to improve the quality of your listings through the Content API.
  • Introduce a new score to the Property Scores API, to open up your listings to people looking for work-friendly accommodations.
  • Develop and launch the new and improved Messaging API.

"Coronavirus has impacted us all in unprecedented ways, which is why we would like to communicate these updates on our roadmap. We believe this information will help you better plan your own product development, business goals and go-to-market initiatives for 2020 and beyond."  Sarabjit Sachdeva, Group Product Manager Connectivity

We’ve also made a few changes to the 2020 roadmap since the beginning of the year:

  • As part of improvements to property onboarding, we launched Bulk Connections, which allows Connectivity providers to connect their properties at scale.
  • Our Messaging API is being beta-tested in August, and if everything goes according to plan we will go live in October.
  • Our fallback reduction efforts are currently on hold due to the need for further partner research on the topic.
  • In the next six months we’ll be working to improve supply flow drop-offs – the rooms and rates that you send us via the R&A API, but which may not reach the guests on our platform.
  • We plan to remove the photo tool within the Content API, since a more comprehensive set of features related to photo management is already available via the Photo API. We’ll share more details on this soon.

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Read the updated 2020 Product Roadmap for more information on our upcoming product launches and improvements.

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  • We’ve made several changes to our annual product roadmap as a result of the Coronavirus’ global impact.
  • We’re continuing to address urgent concerns related to the current situation.
  • We’ll also continue to deliver on our existing product development commitments.

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