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In this Click. 2021 session, we reveal survey results and insights to help guide you through the recovery

We collected a lot of data and conducted many surveys in the past year to understand how the pandemic has affected travellers and partners alike. We’re taking all of that data with us into the future, and we invite you to come along as we reveal what tomorrow’s traveller is looking for. 

In this Discover session from Click. 2021, Director of Market Research and Insights Karolina Tutaj is joined by her team as they share a wealth of and industry insights on the recovery. 

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  • People are looking to reconnect with friends and family, with goals like relaxing or exploring nature 
  • Domestic and local travel will be key in 2021 and beyond 
  • People have become more conscious about sustainability and their travel habits 
  • Working remotely has increased tremendously and home-like properties are best equipped to cater to these needs
  • Digital technology will be at the core of the travel experience, both when booking and during the stay

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