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Discover new features and benefits of the Opportunities API

We’ve improved the Opportunities API to give you more flexibility. Explore the new features we’ve built based on your feedback, and discover how they can help improve conversion, visibility and revenue for your properties.

Offering tailored performance advice and market intelligence on your platform helps you stand out in a crowded market and boosts your customers’ success. That’s why we launched the Opportunities API back in February 2019. 

Initially, you could use it to review, implement and/or dismiss opportunities per property. Based on your feedback, we’ve now added a whole range of new features to help you get the most out of this tool. 

Properties that take the suggested actions are seeing a significant increase in their conversion, visibility and revenue. And according to our research, 85% of them say they are very satisfied with the quality of advice they receive, as well as the way they receive it.

What’s new for the Opportunities API?

  • We’ve added categorisation and ranking for each opportunity, so that you can easily spot which step of the customer journey they refer to – and allocate them accordingly in your interface. This way, you can prioritise which opportunities are seen first by your properties.  
  • To promote an opportunity that you would like to emphasise, you can now download all the properties eligible for it.
  • You can now notify your properties when they have no inventory on upcoming dates where there is high demand in the local area.
  • Keep your customers engaged and motivated with newly added opportunities. These will be available to you as soon as your properties are eligible for them. 
  • Selected opportunities can now be implemented directly for all your customers in one go.

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  • Access tailored, data-driven performance tips to share with your properties
  • New features mean more flexibility
  • Earn points by implementing opportunities – this helps you move to a higher tier and unlock new benefits

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