Discover how tech can help your business post-COVID-19

Discover the role of Connectivity tech in a post-pandemic world in this session from Click. 2021

The pandemic has encouraged accommodation providers to cut back on resources and improve efficiency, paving the way for specialty tech providers to add more features to their offering and broaden their scope to become all-in-one solutions. 

“We have in this difficult year seen an increased share of accommodation partners using connectivity software solutions, such as channel managers and PMSes,” says Director of Connectivity Partnerships Eddy Veldhuizen, speaking in this Discover session aimed at both accommodation partners and Connectivity providers. He talks about creating a seamless accommodation interface with our APIs by optimising on pricing, payments and supply implementations. Discover how to meet these needs – and gain more customers.

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) resulted in unavoidable reductions in human and financial resources by accommodation providers
  • These cutbacks have paved the way for speciality tech providers to offer solutions that relieve this operational burden
  • We’ve seen an increased share of accommodation partners using channel managers and PMSes, even amidst a decline in room nights sold
  • Specialty tech providers are improving their products and adding more features to become all-in-one solutions

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