Discover how our Connectivity Support team helped Hotelnet and Vacasa reduce Rates & Availability API errors and improve performance

Discover how our Support team helped business run more smoothly for two of our Connectivity partners.

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Every year, our Connectivity Support team works with a focus group of Connectivity partners to help fix any errors and fallbacks they’re experiencing and improve the quality of the connections. In this article we’ll discuss two of the success stories from our team’s work with Hotelnet and Vacasa

To understand how we could help them best, our Connectivity Support Executives had regular calls with Hotelnet and Vacasa. We prepared detailed error reports and created action plans to help fix recurring errors these partners were experiencing.

We mainly concentrated on errors related to the Rates & Availability API, as they have the most direct impact on properties being able to sell rooms and generate revenue. Two of the most common error types were issues generated by inactive rooms or rates, and rates that weren’t supporting single-use prices that properties sent to us.


With Hotelnet, we aimed to resolve errors related to inactive room and rates. We did this by enabling the include_rate_active_and_status to exclude inactive rooms and rates, and therefore show the correct rates statuses. During the implementation, we had regular catch-ups with the team at Hotelnet and continuously shared error reports.

After resolving most of the issues related to mapping calls, we tackled the next issue: the single-use errors. An initial cleanup of all problematic properties was followed by manual weekly updates. As well as the check on the properties that were causing errors, a periodical check with the 'Include extra info in RoomRates call' feature was implemented. The channel manager already had a filter for the single-use prices and the additional information provided to them helped develop their check on single-use prices. 

Implementing the functionalities saved a lot of time and avoided manual clean up for all of us. Working with Hotelnet’s Full Stack Developer Riccardo on the API error has been really rewarding and – thanks to our collaboration – Hotelnet managed to drop the error score from more than 50% to less than 1%. - Marina, Connectivity Support Executive at


One of our other successful collaborations we’ve had this year was with Vacasa. By the end of 2019 we noticed that Vacasa’s once-stable error score had started to deteriorate. So one of our Connectivity Support Executives led an investigation to find out why.

What they found was that the prices sent to us by Vacasa were too low and therefore had been rejected by our system. This error – as with all Rates & Availability API errors – led to Vacasa’s properties not having their calendars up to date and missing out on bookings. We put together a report on what happened and how to resolve it so that it didn’t happen again in the future. We were able to do this, and their Rates & Availability API errors are now consistently below 1% again.

Having a collaborative relationship with our Connectivity partners means we’re able to reduce errors and help increase performance through our various APIs. - Vlas, Connectivity Support Executive at

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  • Errors on inactive rooms and rates quickly add up – but they can easily be tackled with some automations and features.
  • Any mapping issues – including single use errors – should be regularly reviewed.
  • Read our tips on how to deal with Rates & Availability API errors to save time and avoid manual clean up. 

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