Business Bookers

Discover Business Bookers and Country Rates in the Promotions API

Your properties can increase their revenue by targeting specific groups of guests. Now, they can set up rates for business travellers and particular nationalities in the Promotions API.

Business Rates

With a Business Rate, your properties can target customers who are travelling for work. Business travellers can be a very profitable segment to target, especially in off-season. Our research shows that compared to other travellers, they:

  • are 50% less likely to cancel 
  • are 60% more likely to be return guests
  • tend to spend more at the property
  • travel during weekdays and off-peak periods
  • book at shorter notice.

How do Business Rates work?

  • They’re only available for business travellers. Weekend-only trips and children are automatically excluded.
  • Properties must off a discount of at least 5%. This discount can be increased depending on your market and customer needs.  
  • Properties select which rooms the discount will be applied to. 
  • To avoid losing revenue on high-demand dates, properties can add up to 30 blackout days per year, when the discount isn’t applied. They can also cancel any time. 

Country Rates

Country Rates allow your properties to offer a particular price to guests from specific countries. Activating Country Rates helps partners: 

  • be competitive within their region
  • attract guests from countries that tend to spend more at the property
  • attract guests from countries with the highest market growth percentage
  • remain competitive on meta sites
  • attract guests from markets with lower cancellation rates.

How do Country Rates work?

    • They’re only visible to guests using from an IP address matching the country the property is targeting.
    • We recommend a minimum discount of 10%, but properties can adjust this based on their preference.
    • Country rates apply to all rooms and rate plans. The discount adds on to existing discounts from the Genius programme (if the properties are a Genius partner), as well as any other promotions they’ve set up.
    • Country rates do not apply to mobile rates or the Deal of the Day promotion.

    Please note that country rates are not available in certain countries due to legal or commercial restrictions.


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