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Discover the benefits of the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ rate and how they’ll impact your system

The ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy will help your properties attract travelers by offering them more flexibility. If you’ve adopted the Content API, you may be subject to error messages. Read on to find out more.

We understand that in these unprecedented times, the way customers will travel is changing. That’s why we’ve released a Connectivity Recovery Toolkit to help you support your properties and strengthen your foundation to face the pandemic. In the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit we advise properties to offer flexible rates with free cancellations to attract more demand.

Because of the constantly changing circumstances, we know that guests may need to adapt their travel plans. That’s why we want to make sure properties are offering travellers the flexibility to change their plans. To help properties easily adjust their rates, we have launched the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ opportunity in the Content API.

When a property clicks on the opportunity, they’ll be redirected to a dedicated page where they’ll be able to select and convert their flexible rate plans into the “Flexible - 1 Day” policy.

Converting flexible or semi-flexible rate plans into the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy allows guests to cancel for free until 24 hours before the check-in. The guest will be charged the cost of the first night if they decide to cancel after that point.

Please note, the policy change is only available for rates with free cancellations. All other rates without a free cancellation period, such as non-refundable, will remain the same.  

What are the benefits of the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy for properties?

  • Attract customers looking for flexibility
  • Boosts visibility in our search results 
  • Allows you to remain in control and decide which rates are converted to the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy

How can properties change their rates to the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy?

If you have the Content API

If you have adopted the Content API, properties will be able to change their policy to a ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy directly in your system. They will need to select the policy with the ID 36.

Please note, if a property decides to change any of its policies to the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy in the extranet rather than through the Content API, we’ll block policy changes from the Content API on converted rate plans. This is done to avoid channel managers overwriting the policy conversion done by the property in the extranet. This new feature blocking any overwrites will only be active for 60 days, up until 8 July. After that we’ll revert back to your previous settings.

  • We will only block changes on rate plans that the accommodation partner decides to switch to ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy. 
  • We will send you a descriptive warning or error message when the change is blocked.
  • We will gather any feedback you have on this impact and work with you to address any problems that may arise.

If you have the Opportunities API

If you have the Opportunities API, properties will be redirected to the extranet to change their policies there. If you have both the Opportunities API and the Content API, you can also create a redirect between the opportunity ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy and the policy ID 36 from your Content API to help properties implement ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy faster. 

If you don’t have either the Content API or the Opportunities API

If you don’t have either of these APIs, direct your properties to the extranet to adopt the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy. In the extranet, accommodation partners will be able to select which one of their flexible rates they would like to convert into the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy rate. If one of your accommodation partners is a multiple property partner (MPP), they will be able to bulk change rates to the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy via their group extranet. 

How can your properties change their ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy rates?

  1. If your properties would like to revert back to their original rates or change the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy, they will only be able to do so via the extranet in the ‘Rates & Availability’ tab. 
  2. If your properties attempt to revert the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy via the Content API, they will receive an error message and we will advise them to log into the extranet to execute the rate change. The error message will read “Trying to modify cancellation policies for product on fully flex for room x and rate y. Policy changes would be ignored. Please make these modifications from extranet”. 

Contact your Partner Business Manager for more information on how the ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy might affect you.

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What do you think of this page?

  • The ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ policy helps properties offer travellers the flexibility they need in these uncertain times
  • Properties with ‘Flexible - 1 Day’ rates will see their visibility boosted in our search results 
  • We’re blocking policy changes via channel managers on converted rate plans for a period of 60 days

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