Elevate Recap

Discover all the key takeaways from Elevate 2020 – and learn how to make the most of our partnership in 2020

We’re excited to share our learnings and insights from Elevate 2020, a host of regional events for our top-performing Connectivity Partners.

This year, we updated our Exchange events to Elevate – a selection of events that are designed to help you take your business to the next level. With Elevate for Connectivity we aimed to help you connect and learn from other partners, and give you a thorough understanding of the opportunities in each category in the 2020 Partner Programme.

Key takeaways from Elevate 2020

This year, we welcomed over 150 attendees to our events in Amsterdam and Miami. To make sure nobody misses out, we’ve summarised the key takeaways from the events:

  1. We’re ready to help each other succeed. We’ll grow our businesses together through commercial initiatives and product solutions across the acquisition and connection journey in 2020. If you’d like to drive an acquisition activity with us, discuss it with your Partner Business Manager.

  2. Let’s accelerate property performance. To make your properties more visible and to help you attract the right guests, look into the restrictions management and applying the right pricing strategy for your properties.

  3. We’ll help you create quality connections. We shared our product roadmap and we’re confident this will help you prioritise your resources in 2020 based on your company’s and properties’ needs.

  4. Your feedback helps strengthen our partnership. During the events Vincent Goemaere, CEO of Stardekk, Sebastien Leitner, Director of Global Partnerships at CloudBeds and Alice Yeh, Sales and Business Development Manager at Sonder represented the advisory boards and provided feedback on our partnership. We also received lots of valuable feedback from your side in our sessions. We’re determined to keep improving, so we encourage you to continue sharing your feedback through our surveys –- taking part will also earn you extra programme points. 

  5. Learn how to build a secure environment to protect your data. Our attendees learnt three tips from our internal security and fraud specialist on keeping your data protected. What were they? First of all, re-evaluate the type of data you store or process and determine if it’s really needed in order to complete a transaction. Secondly, never stop evaluating your PCI compliance process – you can even use the expertise of a PCI SSC-certified qualified security assessor. And finally, identify clear ownership of and responsibility for the data. Who controls what? Contact your Partner Business Manager if you need any further advice.

Award winners Elevate Amsterdam

Thank you for your incredible partnership

We’re committed to supporting you throughout the year in any way you need. Participation in our Partner Programme helps you get the most from our partnerships – and it also earns you valuable points. We’d like to congratulate our partners e-GDS, Beds24, FutureStay, OpenHotel, Silverbyte and Stays.net for being the top performers in our 2019 programme. And thank you to Derbysoft, Guesty, Lexicon, Nextpax, Octorate and Sabre for being our most engaged partners of 2019. We’re looking forward to seeing who the top performers will be this year!


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