Deprecation policy: Key deprecation and sunsetting dates you need to know

Find out the exact dates we will deprecate and sunset specific solutions – and what you can expect to happen after a solution is deprecated

Recently we announced our new deprecation policy. Since then, we’ve worked hard to bring you more in-depth documentation outlining the policy, as well as exact dates that specific solutions will sunset. 

In this article, we'll share with you the source of truth for everything deprecation-related, clarify when we plan to deprecate and sunset specific solutions and explain what will happen after a solution is deprecated.


In our previous article, we outlined key definitions related to our deprecation policy. Here’s a brief recap: 

Deprecation – Booking.com no longer works on nor supports you with a particular solution’s usage or implementation. While you can still use the solution, and we will continue to fix business-critical bugs that break the connection, we strongly encourage you to move to an alternative solution, if applicable. We’ll support you if you choose to migrate to an alternative solution.

Sunsetting – Booking.com no longer enables you to use the solution – any usage is now impossible.

Deprecation policy: the source of truth

As part of our deprecation policy launch, we’ve created a dedicated section within our existing API documentation that provides in-depth information about several key topics, including: 

  • What the deprecation policy is
  • What its key definitions are
  • What the deprecation timeline looks like
  • Specific upcoming deprecation and sunset dates
  • Links to relevant pages within the documentation

You can find the documentation in the ‘Documentation’ section of the Provider Portal by clicking here.

Upcoming deprecation and sunsetting dates

We will soon deprecate and sunset our Guest Requirement, SPO Flow and Upload Photos solutions. The deprecation schedule is as follows:

Feature Deprecation Date Sunset Date Alternative
Guest Requirement 15 September 2021 1 April 2022

None – Feature is no longer available on Booking.com

SPO Flow 15 September 2021 1 April 2022 Contracting API

Upload Photos 


15 September 2021 1 April 2022 Photo API


What happens after the deprecation

Once we’ve deprecated a solution, you can expect the following information and communication resources:

  • There will be updated content in the dedicated deprecation policy section of the API documentation
  • Banners on relevant pages in the API documentation
  • API warnings when using affected solutions, calling affected end points
  • Reminders targeting affected partners within the Provider Portal

For more information about our deprecation policy, you can reach out to our Connectivity Support team or your Partner Business Manager.

Still have questions? Contact your Partner Business Manager.

Explore our deprecation policy

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  • You can now find in-depth information on our deprecation policy, including upcoming solution deprecation and sunsetting dates, in the ‘Documentation’ section of the Provider Portal 
  • On 15 September 2021, we deprecated our Guest Requirement, SPO Flow and Upload Photos solutions – we plan to sunset these solutions on 1 April 2022
  • Once a solution has been deprecated, you can expect various forms of communication, including updated content, banners, warnings and reminders

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