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Delivering better commercial advice for chain hotels

We’re improving the way we provide commercial advice for chain hotels through scaled channels like email, the extranet, the Pulse app and the Opportunities API.

Did you know the business advice we give to our accommodation partners comes from a data-driven tool called Focus Finder? Focus Finder analyses a single property’s performance throughout the customer journey and compares it to similar properties in the same market. Then, it recommends opportunities that can improve the property’s performance along specific steps of the booking journey.

Until now, chain hotels could only access this performance advice in the Opportunity Centre or in conversation with their account managers. We’re now expanding this to also include several emails per month, which chain hotels started receiving this November. 

Soon, chain partners will also be able to select which products they want to endorse for their properties. Only endorsed products will show up in the personalised recommendations delivered by Focus Finder, which also includes the Opportunity API. We’ll make sure to update you (via email?) once this has been set up. 

Do you want to learn more about Focus Finder?

Complete Lesson 1 of the Property Performance training

Learn more about the Opportunities API

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  • will share more customised performance advice via email, the extranet and the Pulse app
  • The recommended solutions or products are based on Focus Finder
  • Soon, all recommended opportunities will be aligned with products that have been endorsed by chain hotel headquarters

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