Recovery Kit

The Connectivity Recovery Toolkit is now available

The Connectivity Recovery Toolkit is ready to be used by you and your teams.

We want to make it easier for you to help your properties and teams recover from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). That’s why we’ve been working hard to gather market insights, tools and advice from experts across The result is the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit.

In uncertain times, being flexible is even more important than ever. We’ll adapt the content in the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit as we receive more feedback and create new initiatives and products – so be sure to check back for the latest advice on a regular basis. 

What does the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit include?

The Connectivity Recovery Toolkit is there to guide you through the different steps you can take with your properties and teams to face the Coronavirus. 

We’ve collaborated with products teams across to select solutions and commercial advice specifically tailored to help connected properties. Our overall objective is to help properties reduce workload, set up sustainable rate plans, offer flexibility to potential guests and secure future bookings. The Connectivity Recovery Toolkit will take you through the products that can help your properties tackle each of these challenges. 

Now is also a time for you to work on building the foundation of your business, including enhancing your use of technology. When domestic demand begins to pick up again, your properties will want to make the most of all possible opportunities to attract bookings. As well as offering your properties the right advice at the right time, with the right systems in place you can prepare them to capture this returning demand and make sure you are offering them a high-quality connection. Offering your properties the best functionality in these areas will help them to achieve their full potential. 

In addition to the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit, we’ve produced a recovery email template for your teams to use. You can send this to properties to direct them to the recovery products they need as they face the Coronavirus. To request a recovery email template, get in touch with your Partner Business Manager or our support team

We appreciate your patience, your understanding and everything you've already been doing to help your properties. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust – and stay tuned for more material to help you and your properties through the Coronavirus.

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  • The Connectivity Recovery Toolkit is there to help you and your teams face Coronavirus.
  • We’ve handpicked products and commercial advice to help properties reduce workload and capture future domestic demand.
  • Your system can help provide properties with the right advice at the right time.

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