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Connectivity Programme benefits to take advantage of in 2021

Discover the latest benefits you can take advantage of based on your current programme tier

We want to make sure we’re offering you the right tools and support to help you and your properties prepare for peak season. These new Q2 benefits for the 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme can help. Different benefits apply to different tiers and can be broken down into three main categories.

Commercial benefits  

2021 Provider Innovation Fund (Premier)

We understand you need support to help rebuild your business - and the 2021 Provider Innovation Fund can help. Every quarter a new round of projects are funded based on the proposed business plans submitted by Connectivity providers. How do we choose what to fund? We collaborate internally to mutually agree on funding the plans where we see the biggest opportunity for investment. Have an idea for an innovative product or approach? Reach out to your Partner Business Manager for details. 

Marketing Resources (Standard, Advanced, Premier)

Need to send a message to your customers? A great place to begin is this set of Marketing Resources that contains links and email copy you can use to explain how your system works and drive better partner performance. Giving a presentation to customers or at an event? Reach out to your Partner Business Manager for a presentation deck. We’d love to help you get the word out.   

Knowledge benefits 

Supply Course (Standard, Advanced, Premier)

Want to outperform in the Q2 Supply Deal? Take our Supply Course and train your teams to become supply experts. You’ll learn about supply flow, upflow scores, best practices around property availability settings and how to set restrictions. It’s everything you need to know to keep property supply flowing.  

Click. 2021 (Premier)

We’d like to share our plans for 2021 and beyond with you at Click., our annual global partner summit. Held digitally from 16 to 18 March, we’ll talk about the future of our industry, our company and our partnership with you. We aim for you to take both big ideas and concrete actions back to your teams. 

Support benefit API Health Scan (Advanced, Premier)

Let our Connectivity technical specialists analyse how your systems work, including historical support requests and the quality of your connection. Based on the results, they’ll advise you on how to optimise the usage of your existing products and recommend possible API solutions or features to consider. You can request this 1 or 2 times per year, depending on your programme status. Reach out to your Partner Business Manager and find out how an API Health Scan can help you.

Explore all of the programme benefits in the 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme Guide.

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  • The 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme gears up for Q2 with benefits for all three member tiers
  • Commercial benefits include investments via the 2021 Provider Innovation Fund and a collection of marketing resources you can use to craft partner messages 
  • Take advantage of our API Health Scan and have one of our specialists analyse your system implementation and provide recommendations

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