Connectivity Partner Programme Series: How are our Programme Deals working this year?

New deals to help you earn extra points and progress faster through our Connectivity Partner Programme

Program Manager at the Connectivity Partner Programme Team.

To help you understand different elements of our 2021 Partner Programme, we’re introducing the Connectivity Partner Programme article series. In this first article, we delve into upcoming Programme Deals and how you can earn extra points by participating in them.

What are Programme Deals?

Programme Deals are now part of the structure of the Connectivity Partner Programme. They provide opportunities to work on strategic initiatives, business priorities and seasonal products for a limited amount of time.

Every quarter, the Connectivity Partner Programme will launch a maximum of two deals at the same time. Each deal will be tied to one of three programme pillars: Connectivity Solutions, Selection & Supply or Property Performance.

These are the deals that we’re launching as part of the 2021 Connectivity Partner Programme:

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How the deals work

As the deals are optional, you’ll need to opt in so that we can start collaborating with you and monitor your progress. You can earn up to 25 points per deal. Most deals will run for three months, but some will run for up to six months.

Deals are an opportunity for you to:

  • Earn extra points and progress faster in the Partner Programme
  • Work on key initiatives with our topic experts
  • Improve your system’s foundation and your properties’ performance

How can I opt in?

When a deal becomes available for you to opt in to, we’ll send you an email containing instructions on how to participate. You can always access all your available deals in the ‘Deals’ section under ‘Your Score’ in the login area of the Connectivity Hub.

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Once you opt in to a deal, you’ll find it in the ‘All my deals’ view of the ‘Deals’ section. If we need you to submit evidence of your marketing activities, click through to the specific deal information and follow the instructions.

Third image

Every month, your Partner Business Manager (PBM) will let you know about the progress you’ve made with the deals you have opted into. If you don’t have a PBM, you can contact our support team instead.

We award points at the end of each quarter. You can find these in the ‘Score Overview’ section under the ‘Your Score’ menu in the login area of the Connectivity Hub.

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  • Every quarter, the Connectivity Partner Programme will launch a maximum of two deals
  • You can earn up to 25 points per deal
  • You can work on key initiatives with our topic experts

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