Peak Season winners

Congrats on a successful busy period, especially our Peak Season winners!

We’d like to thank all Connectivity Partners who’ve taken part in our Peak Season competition. Together, we’ve helped our mutual properties perform their best during a challenging high-demand period.

Thanks to your efforts, connected properties implemented over 167,000 opportunities between June and September 2019. You’ve contributed to a hugely successful peak season worldwide, where 1.5 million room nights were booked every 24 hours on 

Two providers in particular pushed themselves extra hard this summer, and won our Peak Season competition. NextPax scored the highest number of attributed opportunity implementations, while Redawning reached the highest ratio of opportunity implementations. 

NextPax and Redawning implemented over 60,000 opportunities each within their respective portfolios – an amazing result! For their efforts, both partners got a visibility boost in our marketing channels and two tickets to a UEFA EURO 2020 football match next summer.

Feeling inspired? There’s still time for you to earn up to 400 extra points before 2019 ends, and help your properties reach their full potential.

Want to join leading providers like NextPax and Redawning, and help your properties reach Premier tier status?

Learn about our end-of-year deal

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  • Over 167,000 opportunities were implemented during peak season 2019
  • NextPax and Redawning won our competition, with 60,000+ implemented opportunities each
  • The end-of-year deal can help you implement more opportunities, earn 400 points and move up the programme in 2020

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