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Click. 2022: key takeaways from this year’s event

After going completely virtual in 2021, our annual partner summit was held in person once again this year. Here, we share key Connectivity highlights from across the event.

In March and April, leaders gathered at Click. 2022 to reveal where we’re going next – and how we will get there. 

Reaffirming our commitment to growing our presence in the US, the event made its US debut in Nashville just days after it returned to Amsterdam. Collectively welcoming thousands of accommodation, transport, technology and travel experience partners from across the globe, the event offered opportunities to meet with leaders and gain insights on how we will be shaping the road to recovery through 2022 and beyond. 

Unveiling a new partner ambition

Providing value through products and services that drive true incremental growth has always been at the heart of our commitment to partners. At the event, we shared our plans to double-down on this commitment with the ambition of becoming your strategic partner of choice – an ambition that applies to our connectivity provider partners, too. 

Reflecting on what this means from a connectivity perspective, Kareem Selim, Senior Engineering Manager, noted that our goal is to make it easier for our connectivity partners to discover our APIs, as well as implement and monitor them. To help achieve this goal, he revealed two initiatives we are currently working on: 

  1. Rebuilding our APIs using modern architecture. This will help to future proof our solutions while improving our time to market. 
  2. Offering the right tools that will help you discover our APIs quicker, as well as allowing you to test, implement and monitor them easier.

Realising our connected trip vision 

With much of the industry still feeling the impact of the global pandemic, removing even more friction from the overall travel experience for both customers and partners has become all the more important. 

For connectivity to realise this ambition, Eddy Veldhuizen, Senior Director of Connectivity Partnerships, noted that integration is going to be critical. “We’ve reached a moment where there is a need to look beyond the ‘seamless experience’ at platform level, and pivot to what this means for the entire ecosystem,” said Veldhuizen. “This is what I’m most excited about – looking at how we, as an industry, can create an experience where without sacrificing functionality, accommodations are supported to run their business in the way that best suits them while maintaining the customer experience.”

New products and an improved connectivity portal 

Throughout the dedicated Connectivity session, there was emphasis on upcoming solutions that connectivity providers can expect to see this year. Referring to pricing, Senior Engineering Manager Kareem Selim called out three new products we are launching this year that will help properties optimise and grow their revenue: Mobile Rates, Flexible Child Prices and New Market Insights. Additionally, we learned that improvements will be made to our Messaging and Online Check In APIs. 

Addressing feedback that we need to support and enable you in a better way, Rolf Nijdam, Senior Manager of our Connectivity Partner Program, reassured attendees that “this year we will make a big effort to improve our self-service portal and offer better guides, insights, materials and benefits to reach the goals we have together. Our portal will get a revamp, with an improved dashboard to easily monitor your business performance.”

Facilitating a multi-provider connection 

We are also looking into broadening our platform to allow accommodation partners to improve their business performance by using multiple software providers. “The initiative aims to remove limitation and friction accommodations experience by eventually creating a wider connectivity ecosystem including PMS and all other specialised software providers,” said Kareem Selim, Senior Engineering Manager. 

“Making this happen comes with many benefits for everyone – accommodation partners, connectivity providers and,” he continued. Using the example of a revenue manager, he explained that “at this moment in time, it might be difficult to reach a revenue manager with pricing opportunities if they are not on our partner platforms – extranet and Pulse – often. We could make their life easier by offering these opportunities in the software they’re using on a regular basis, which would be a revenue management system in this case.”

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  • Our annual partner summit, Click., was held in person once again this year, returning to Amsterdam and making its US debut in Nashville
  • During the event, we ran hundreds of workshops and roundtables on key topics led by top experts

  • From revealing where we’re going next to unveiling our new partner ambition, leaders shared their vision for 2022 and beyond

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