Check Reservations Timeline

Check retrieved reservations

Now you can easily check if reservations have been retrieved or not - as well as the whole history of the reservation.

Until now, it’s been tricky to work out if reservations have been retrieved by your system or not. So we’ve created the ‘Reservation timeline’, which allows you to track reservation status and history in your Partner Portal.

The ‘Reservation timeline’ can be used to:

  • Identify whether a reservation was retrieved by you (and at what time) or not. If it wasn’t retrieved, you can see a timestamp for the fallback.
  • See the reservation history (including modifications, cancellations, success or error responses).
  • When the confirmation/modification/cancellation message was made available.
  • If the credit card details have been sent in the reservation and if not, why not.
  • See if PII information about the guest was included in the message.
  • Check which machine account and IP address were used to retrieve the reservation.

The ‘Reservation timeline’ feature helps you troubleshoot reservations in various ways. It’s an easy way of checking how much of a reservation message reached the system, and if something went wrong, you can see what and when.

It’s also the first tool to show you if we are investigating any questions around reservations and their retrieval. The tool logs a reservation as soon as it includes at least one XML event (non-XML reservations will not show up here).

We’ve created a step-by-step manual in our Connectivity Help Centre to identify how the reservation timeline works.

Want to see how to investigate reservation history?

Check this help article


What do you think of this page?

  • We’ve developed the ‘Reservation timeline’ feature to help you track the history of individual reservations.
  • It includes detailed information about if and when a reservation/modification/cancellation was retrieved.
  • It should save you time as you can troubleshoot issues without needing to contact Connectivity Support.

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