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Changes to the 2020 Connectivity Partner Programme

Find out how the Connectivity Partner Programme will support you in overcoming the impact of Coronavirus.

Earlier this year, we told you that we were going to monitor the Coronavirus situation closely.  We said that we’d make all necessary adjustments to our programme so that it was fair for all Connectivity partners and supported them in every way possible. We understand that some partners managed to keep up their pace and progress, while other partners couldn’t do the same. Regardless of how you’re performing, we want you to know that we’re listening to you and closely monitoring the impact Coronavirus is having on your business.

What we’ve done so far

  • Product deal. 
    • In Q2, we launched a product deal giving you an opportunity to earn more points in our Partner Programme by implementing specific APIs and features. In response to the impact of Coronavirus, we retroactively extended the period of the product deal and made implementations that took place in Q1 also eligible. The deal will be live until November 2020, so you’re still able to earn extra points when implementing new APIs and features that are part of the deal. 
  • Business value
    • We wanted to understand the impact you can have on the supply flow of our properties. So to bring more relevant supply to our customers, we launched a Supply Flow Survey with the possibility for you to earn 20 points by sharing feedback with our team. 
    • As demand started to pick up again, we shared information on relevant markets to help you during these challenging times. As of the first weeks of July, the list of selected locations has been updated in the Partner Portal so you can focus your new properties acquisition strategy on these locations and earn points in the programme within the Active Property Count Growth in Selected Locations metric, which you can find in the Business Value category of the Connectivity Partner Programme.
  • Property performance 
    • To help your properties deal with the impact of Coronavirus in May 2020 we shared the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit. It was filled with advice, tools and products to support you and your properties. The toolkit is continuously updated to make sure we’re always offering you the most up to date advice based on the evolving situation. The Property Performance category of the programme has also been adapted to include only recovery products and focus your efforts on the right tools. 
    • To respond to the impact of COVID-19 and help properties implement the right products to capture demand, in Q3 we launched the Property Recovery deal. This deal was built to give you the opportunity to earn 200 points in our programme by supporting your properties in capturing demand until September 30. By sharing all your recovery campaigns with us, you’ve been able to reach over 200,000 connected properties via over 100  different campaigns.

Looking forward

We’re continuing to adapt the Connectivity Partner Programme to help you overcome today’s challenges. Due to the continued disruption caused by the pandemic, the programme will now end on 31 March, 2021 (instead of 31 December 2020). This is to allow partners to have an extra quarter to work on their performance in our programme.  

Because of this, we’ll also extend the traditional 12-month cycle period to 15 months (2020 + Q1 of 2021) to determine the Connectivity Partners Tier at the launch of the Connectivity Partner Programme 2021. We’re also extending the measurement period to 15 months to help mitigate the potential impact of COVID-19 induced disruptions on your tier in our programme. At the end of Q1 in 2022, your status will be evaluated on the previous 12-month measurement period to determine your tier in 2022.

  • We’ve extended the year end to the end of Q1 in 2021 so you’ll have an extra quarter to work on getting the points you need to reach the next tier. This means the next programme will start on 1 April 2021 instead of 1 January 2021.
  • We’d like to reward our partners who have worked hard to reach Premier status by the end of 2020 by making some extra benefits available to them. We’ll share more detailed information on these benefits before the end of the year.  

Programme benefits

When Coronavirus started to impact travel we had to put some of the Premier Connectivity Partner benefits on hold due to countries going into lockdown, unstable data prediction models and lack of resources. Benefits such as invites to the Click. event, Performance & Innovation Fund (PIF), Commercial Deals and the programme ranking update had to be put on hold.  

In the feedback you shared during our Partner Satisfaction Survey and other conversations, we understood that you were very disappointed about the benefits being put on hold. That’s why we’re working hard to make sure benefits in the future are not able to be impacted by unexpected events such as Coronavirus.

On 29 September we’re launching the Connectivity User Guide for our properties. This page, included in our Partner Hub, will include information on the benefits of our programme and how we select our Premier Connectivity partners. This guide will be promoted through different channels to our properties when advising our properties on the best Connectivity partners for them.

If you have questions or need more information, please reach out to your partner business manager or contact our Connectivity support team.

Stay up to date with all recovery initiatives with our Connectivity Recovery Toolkit

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