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How to improve your Supply Flow Score and earn more points in the Connectivity Partner Programme

Program Manager at the Connectivity Partner Programme Team.

There are two easy ways to optimise your Supply Flow Score and score more points in the Connectivity Partner Programme. The first is by making sure your properties have loaded availability for the upcoming months. This will increase their visibility and ensure they don't miss out on potential bookings. The second is by reducing Length of Stay restrictions so that they appear in search results.

To help you navigate these topics, we have prepared a guide to Improving the Supply Flow of your properties that explains how a lack of availability for upcoming months can affect a property's performance and how restrictions stop them from getting the most out of our platform. For example, did you know that setting strict Length of Stay restrictions prevent your properties from appearing in search results for shorter stays? Use our guide to optimise properties in selected locations that are impacted by availability and Length of Stay restrictions.

To help you identify these properties, we will provide you with lists of properties that can improve their Supply Flow in the Connectivity Hub.

We will provide you with:

  • A list with the hotel_id, name of the property, location and the last bookable date if occurring in the following month
  • A list with the legal_entity_id, name of the partner’s property management company (PMC), and the percentage of inventory available for LOS1 and LOS2 

These lists will be shared with you every month for the next three months. If this experience is a positive one for you, we will consider sharing this information until the end of the year.

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  • Improve your Supply Flow Score for properties in selected locations and earn more points with the new property-facing guide 
  • The guide illustrates how limited availability and Length of Stay restrictions prevent properties from appearing in search results 
  • Opt-in for access to lists of your properties that could benefit from adjusting restrictions or adding availability

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