BookingSync's journey from start-up to Best Overall Performing Provider

In 2020, BookingSync earned Premier Partner status in our Connectivity Partner Achievement Awards. In April 2021, they were our Best Overall Performing Provider – becoming just one of three partners to hold this title.

BookingSync has been a leading management platform for vacation rentals since 2009. This French-based start-up is helmed by Sébastien Grosjean, who’s also the Chairman of’s Connectivity Advisory Board for Homes and Apartments. The company offers accommodation providers a single platform that centralises property listings and reservation details with third-party websites and services.

Technology designed to free up time

The idea behind BookingSync was sparked by Grosjean’s interest to help his parents maintain their Greek rental property, Thalassa Villa. He realised that they spent hours manually updating their reservation calendars to be at the top of search results. Wanting to free up their time, he created and tested the BookingSync technology on his parent's property by automating the booking system and running it in the background whenever the family went out sailing. In just one year, Thalassa Villa's occupancy rate grew by 30%. It has since become a collection of 16 properties.

After years of disrupting the travel tech market, BookingSync became an official Connectivity partner in 2014. The company was quickly elevated to Premier Partner status when the Connectivity Partner Programme launched in 2018 – a title it claimed again in October 2020. To accomplish this, BookingSync set up regular meetings with their Partner Business Manager. As Product Manager Maud Lavolée explained in an interview with, “This forces us to regularly check our progress in the programme and to work out the best and easiest ways for us to earn programme points.”

Leveling up to Best Overall Performing Provider

The next step was to become Best Overall Performing Provider – an achievement they unlocked this April. Lavolée says that they’ve always had their eyes on the prize: "Although we were awarded our Premier status in October 2020, we kept working hard in the following months, keeping in our minds that we not only wanted to be a Premier partner — but the best of Premier partners.”

There are two ways BookingSync claimed the Best Overall Partner spotlight. The first was by developing technology with fault tolerance. This means the software is self-healing and adaptable. Any miscommunication between different servers is automatically flagged, ensuring that reservations are always received while eliminating the risk of double bookings. Their syncing technology ensures that customers won't bear the brunt of API errors that sometimes occur across multiple services.

Second, they're selective when it comes to choosing their partners, who must be relatively tech-savvy and willing to participate in feedback loops. This helps the company define their North Star while providing partners with real benefits, instead of operating in an echo chamber of their own experiences.

The why, what and how of it all

“It’s crucial to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and to constantly refine the what and the how," says Grosjean. “At BookingSync, our 'why’ is that we believe hosts should not waste time generating bookings but focus on delivering outstanding guest experiences. Our teams are conscious of this and it motivates them to provide the best service possible for our customers. Our ‘what’ is excellent partnerships with reservation platforms such as And our ‘how’ is nurturing these positive relationships and openly sharing our best practices.”

BookingSync still stands by its founding philosophy that time spent managing bookings and synchronising platforms could be put to better use providing guests with the best experience possible – with plenty of time left for sailing.

Do you want to achieve Best Overall Performing Provider in 2022? Talk to your Partner Business Manager, and we'll help you get there.

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  • BookingSync’s management platform for vacation rental owners and managers provides a centralised system that works with different reservation calendars
  • The company repeatedly achieved Premier Partner status – an accomplishment they topped by becoming our Best Overall Performing Provider
  • BookingSync's CEO and Founder, Sébastien Grosjean, shares two guiding principles that shape the company's growth: create a fault-resistant system and be picky about who you work with

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