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Announcing the Partner Programme changes for 2020

Take a look at what’s new for the Connectivity Partner Programme next year.

We review and update the Connectivity Partner Programme annually, to make sure all partners are set up to grow and succeed in the coming year. This means evaluating the programme’s scoring and benefits to align these with your business needs and ambitions, as well as those of

Ready for 2020, we’re adding brand new benefits, improving existing ones, and making adjustments to the points system – including whole new ways to earn points. Read on to hear all about what’s available to you next year…

New benefits

To empower you to provide the best service to your properties, we’ve shortened our support Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – meaning you’ll hear back from us faster. And we’ve launched an improved education area, where we’ll add training materials throughout the year. 

Take a look below for some of our new benefits. More details will follow in the upcoming 2020 Programme Manual.

  • Education area. Since October 2019, all Connectivity partners have access to an education area, offering your teams training sessions and courses to help you get more out of working with
  • Technical implementation advice. Advanced and Premier partners will be able to receive tailored technical product implementation advice from our Connectivity Technical Specialists. 
  • Industry event sponsorship. Premier partners can now request sponsorship for industry events.
  • Technical health scan. Premier partners will be eligible to apply for a thorough analysis of their system, complete with advice on how to optimise it for products. 

Points updates per pillar

Business value pillar

  • Receive points based on average property page score. Encouraging better property page content from the very beginning gives accommodation providers the best possible start on We’ll now reward you for the average property page score of all the new properties you onboarded on our platform in the previous month.

  • Receive points based on Content API usage for newly onboarded properties. The functions that come with the Content API can really improve the onboarding experience for Property Management Companies. We’ll reward you for streamlining this process by using the Content API for this purpose.

  • Receive points for properties in selected locations. From January onwards, you’ll get points for onboarding properties in specific locations where is looking to grow. (Locations to be announced.) This is a new approach and will replace the points you used to receive for active property count growth. You’ll still receive points for your active property count. 

Products and quality pillar

  • Receive points for individual API features. In 2019, you received a single points reward for using any one existing API feature. In 2020, we’ll give you points at feature level instead of API level for some products. For instance, if you’re using the Promotions API, you’ll get points both for implementation and the usage/success rate of all 6 features individually. 

Property performance pillar

  • This pillar is going through some significant scoring changes, so points won’t be available in the first quarter of 2020. To make sure nobody loses out, we’ll spread quarter one’s property performance points throughout the rest of the year. You can expect a full update on this by the end of 2019.

Engagement pillar

  • Receive points for sharing different types of content for us to display on the Connectivity Hub. You’ll be able to earn ten points for a Success Story, five points for a Combined Article or two points for a Quote.

  • Receive points for each ‘Company Information’ element you’ve filled out. You’ll get points for each Company Information element: company profile, account details, emergency contact and support contact. 

  • Receive points for participating in training sessions and webinars. When it comes to delivering to the property partners using your platform, training and knowledge-sharing can be just as important as day-to-day work. That’s why you’ll now get points for taking training sessions in our Connectivity Hub education area, and for attending our webinars.

  • Receive bonus points for sharing a high-level year plan. If you can share a high-level year plan at the beginning of 2020, and show us how you’ve delivered on it at the end of the year, you’ll now be awarded bonus points.


We’ll be hosting 2020’s Connectivity Partner Events in February and March. If you’re eligible to attend, keep an eye on your inbox – we’ll send you a ‘save the date’ very soon.

Want some advice on how to move up to Premier status next year?

Read our October programme tips Register for our webinar


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  • New and improved benefits to better support your growth
  • Adjustments to the points system – including new ways to earn points
  • More information coming soon in the 2020 Programme Manual

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