Announcing our 2022 Provider Innovation Fund

How can you take advantage of this year’s Provider Innovation Fund?

In 2021, our Provider Innovation Fund (PIF) was a huge success, supporting over 300 projects that impacted over 400,000 properties. To continue the momentum, this year we are investing in four key areas that are critical to business growth – increasing supply in targeted regions, improving the onboarding experience, optimising availability and pricing, and increasing bookings via Mobile and Country Rates.

Increase supply in targeted regions

We have chosen specific areas throughout the world where we believe business is healthy and we have the most room for mutual growth as it becomes safe for people to travel once more. Maximising our coverage in these destinations ensures that guests who search on our platform will have a high variety of options.

Improve the onboarding experience 

First impressions are crucial, and we want you and your properties’ onboarding experience to be the best. With our suite of solutions, we can deliver a great experience that allows properties to onboard fast with high-quality content so that bookings can start as soon as possible. When properties enter our platform they expect bookings quickly. With your help, we can guarantee that happens. 

Optimise availability and pricing through connectivity solutions

When it comes to pricing and availability, we want the best choices for our mutual customers. Therefore, we want to ensure the inventory you send us is available at the best price. We have developed a number of pricing and availability solutions to help ensure our mutual guests have the most choices at the best available prices.

Increase bookings with Mobile and Country Rates

Over half (59%) of all our bookings come from a mobile device. Adding a Mobile Rate can help your properties to stand out and increase bookings from mobile devices by up to 28% on average.

Helping your properties target specific customers, Country Rates can make your properties’ pricing strategy more dynamic. By proactively setting a Country Rate, your properties can strengthen their pricing position by offering a discount only to potential guests in the countries they want to target.

We have created connectivity solutions for these two features for seamless implementation and management. 

What’s Next?

We are finalising the incentive offers relating to each investment area. In the coming weeks, our 2022 Premier Providers will receive a formal invitation from their Partner Business Manager. If you have not reached Premier status yet, there’s still time to reach it and take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

Annual account planning with your Partner Business Managers is underway, and this will be a key tool for driving our continued success this year and beyond. More information will be shared as we get closer to the launch of the 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme on 1 April.

Not a Premier tier partner yet? You have until 31 March 2022 to earn your Premier tier and become eligible for participation in this year’s Provider Innovation Fund.

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  • The Provider Innovation Fund is designed to acknowledge and reward partners for choosing to grow and innovate with us
  • The financial investments are only available to Premier Providers
  • This year, the fund will focus on four key areas – increasing supply in targeted regions, improving the onboarding experience, optimising availability and pricing, and increasing bookings via Mobile and Country Rates

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