2022 Connectivity product roadmap updates

Our latest 2022 product roadmap is full of product and platform developments to help you improve operations, grow revenue and enhance the guest experience.

We’re always looking for new ways to grow in stride with you and build stronger partnerships. That’s why we’re excited to share the latest updates to our 2022 product roadmap. We hope these updates will support operational optimisation for your properties.

We designed our latest product roadmap based on feedback from providers and properties in three key areas: revenue growth, operational efficiency and maximising the guest experience.

Delivered APIs

To make sure our solutions bring you even more value, we’ve recently improved the following APIs:

  • Flexible children rates – children can now stay for free or for a fixed fee, giving you more flexibility to customise family pricing. You can enable this feature via the Rates & Availability API and further customise it according to season, age bands, room type and your rate plan via the Content API.
  • Online Check-in API – providers can now customise the online check-in form at a property and region level, so that only the most relevant guest information is collected.

Upcoming APIs

You can expect the following new API products and features this and next year:

  • Market Insights API – with this new API, properties can request to see their historical performance for key metrics such as book window, traveller type, cancellation type and device type. These insights can help properties optimise their revenue management strategy. After a period of beta testing, we’re launching this API at the end of 2022.
  • Reservations API – we’ll launch a new endpoint in Q4 which offers even more reliable delivery of reservation data and automatic recovery of said data in case of connection interruptions. We’re also extending the delivery time limit from 30 minutes to 24 hours. You'll also be able to opt out of updates after a guest has checked in and information about system downtimes. Aside from this, we’ll enable newly connected properties to confirm reservations directly via the Reservations API, eliminating the reservation summary step from the connection process.
  • Messaging API aside from fixing some bugs, we’re upgrading the Messaging API to support structured messaging that delivers automated messages based on keywords. This initiates actions such as making changes to check-in/-out dates and accommodating parking requests. We expect this to launch early next year.
  • Multi-provider connections – following the successful launch of Quick Connect 2.0 this year – which helps properties connect faster by simplifying the onboarding process – we’ll also start enabling integrations that offer Online Check-in, Guest Messaging and other actions. This will allow channel managers to provide properties with specialised solutions, such as photos and reviews, as standalone products.

To download the updated 2022 Product Roadmap, log in to your account on the Connectivity Hub and go to the ‘Resources’ section.

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  • Help your properties grow their revenue and improve their operations by making the most of improvements to the Reservations, Messaging and Online Check-in APIs
  • This year, we will be introducing a new Market Insights API
  • Reminder: we recently deprecated several features to ensure the continued quality of our API offering. The sunsetting of these features is now complete

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