The 2022 Connectivity Product Roadmap

Check out our 2022 product roadmap and discover the upcoming product improvements and launches planned for this year

At, we’re committed to growing together and building a strong partnership. That’s why we’re excited to share our 2022 product roadmap with you so that you can better plan your own product development for the year ahead. 

"2021 has been a far better year for the travel industry than 2020, and we are hopeful that 2022 will be even better than 2021,” says Geert Jan Grimberg, Senior Director of Product at “We remain deeply committed to our investments in travel technology to help our joint accommodation partners grow their revenue, enhance their operations and improve the guest experience. This roadmap is our 2022 travel guide, where we are looking forward to continuing making a difference to accommodations and travellers all across the world – in close collaboration with all of you.” 

New and updated APIs

To make sure our solutions bring you even more value, we’ve recently made improvements to five of our existing API products: 

  • Flexible Child Rates: We are releasing features on the Content API, Rates and Availability API and Room Management API to help properties set up flexible prices for children across different seasons and age bands.
  • Reservations API: We are making it easier for you to gather existing reservations from newly connected properties directly via the Reservation API. The status dashboard and reservation timeline will be upgraded so that you are quickly informed of technical glitches with instant data, impact analysis and resolution status. We are also adding reliability updates so that your data is recovered easily in the case of connection interruptions.
  • Messaging API: Apart from fixing some bugs, we are upgrading the messaging API, which currently supports only free messaging, to support structured messaging which initiates actions such as changes to check-in/check-out dates and parking requests. 
  • Online Check-In API: This year’s update allows providers to customise the online check-in form at a property, region level so that only the most relevant guest information is collected while the others are eliminated.
  • Policies Management endpoint: Users no longer need to have the Content API to update their property policies, they can now do it directly using the Rooms & Rate plan API and proceed to assign it at a room level.

We also have two new API products and features you can expect this year:

  • Market Insights API: With this new API, properties can request to see their historical performance for key metrics – book window, traveler type, cancellation type, device type – and assess them regularly to optimise their revenue management strategy.
  • Mobile rate plan API: This API enables properties to offer mobile discounts as a rate plan and easily distribute it. They can achieve this by adding a mobile channel to a room-rate product via the Room and Rate Plan Management API. This makes the product mobile specific.

Continuing the Content API deprecation

After introducing a strong set of new and updated solutions, we deprecated certain features to ensure the continued quality of our API offering. Previously, we communicated deprecation dates for certain features in the Content API. As of February this year, these deprecations are now completed and the features have been sunset.

Sunsetting completed on 1 April 2022:

Content API feature Alternative solution
Manage photos for both properties and rooms Photo API
Create an independent property Accommodation Partner Contracting
Specify whether guests must have at least one previous stay on No alternative solution; feature will no longer be available on
Set cancellation and prepayment policies on a property level Set cancellation and prepayment policies on product level only (Room and Rate Plan Management APIs)


Sunsetting completed on 20 April 2022:

Content API feature Alternative solution
Manage licenses for both properties and rooms Licenses API
Set a Hotelier Message for a property Property Profile API
Children Policies and Extra Bed options Child Rates (including Children Policy Setup, Pricing Rules, Room Occupancy) via Content API


You can find out more details about the features that have been deprecated and the improved alternative solutions taking their place in our migration guide

To download the 2022 Product Roadmap, log in to your account on the Connectivity Hub and go to the “Resources” section. 

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  • Help your properties grow their revenue and improve their operations by making the most of improvements to the Reservations, Messaging and Online Check-In APIs
  • This year we will also introduce two new APIs: the Market Insights API and the Mobile Rate Plan API
  • Reminder: we recently deprecated several features to ensure the continued quality of our API offering. The sunsetting of these features is now also complete

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