The 2021 Connectivity Product Roadmap

The new and updated APIs to expect so you can plan for the future

Every one of our features is built with you and your properties’ needs in mind. So that we can continue growing together – this year and beyond. That’s why we’re sharing our product roadmap with you. Knowing which new features we’ll be launching in the upcoming months will help you plan your own product development, and allow you to support your properties even better than before. 

2021 Product Roadmap

We’ve recently made improvements to existing API products and features to make their implementation and usage even better. Two key solutions are now available:

  • Onboarding Solutions: This new product bundle includes the already existing Licenses API, Photo API, Content API: Property Management, Room and Rate Plan Management APIs and the new Contracting API, making it easier to contract and onboard new partners to join our platform via Connectivity. 
  • Pricing Solutions: We are also introducing Pricing Solutions, aiming to support you on the most optimal pricing setup and solutions available. With this new approach, we aim to give you better clarity on optimal API usage for discount purposes and show you where operational efficiencies can be achieved with the Promotions API. With the right integration, you can facilitate the optimal exposure of discounted rates and conversion and translate automated pricing rules into dynamic discounts.

Plus, we have two new API products and features you can expect to see in Q2:

  • Messaging API: The Messaging API enables you to create an inbox tool that will reinforce your position as a commercial partner to your properties and help them seamlessly and effectively manage guest communications on their platform of choice. 
  • Check-in API: Collect guest information such as document details through pre-arrival and provide instructions for guests to access their rooms so the check-in process is smoother for both guests and accommodation partners. 

Plan ahead for the upcoming Content API deprecation

As we now offer a strong set of alternative, standalone APIs to better manage these property settings, we intend to deprecate its counterpart features in the Content API within the next 12 months. To ensure continued quality of our API offering, we are extending this deprecation approach to other features in the Content API that currently offer better and more scalable alternatives. 

Which features will be deprecated - and when? We have two dates for Content API deprecation to be aware of, one later this year and one early next year: 

September 15, 2021 

Content API feature

Alternative solution

Manage photos for both properties and rooms 

Photo API

Create an independent property

Accommodation Partner Contracting

Specify whether guests must have at least one previous stay on

No alternative solution; feature will no longer be available on

Set cancellation and prepayment policies on a property level 

Set cancellation and prepayment policies on product level only (Room and Rate Plan Management APIs)


February 15, 2022 

Content API feature

Alternative solution

Manage licenses for both properties and rooms

Licenses API

Set a Hotelier Message for a property

Property Profile API

Children Policies and Extra Bed options

Child Rates (including Children Policy Setup, Pricing Rules, Room Occupancy) via Content API


Please review our migration guide to get more details on the features that are selected to be deprecated and the improved alternative solutions that are being offered for you to implement.

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  • Automate new properties with the Onboarding Solutions API bundle, a collection of existing APIs working in conjunction with the new Contracting API
  • The all-new Pricing Solutions API is built to facilitate the optimal exposure of discounted rates - and show you where operational efficiencies can be achieved when paired with the Promotions API
  • New for Q2, the Messaging API opens up the ability to create your own inbox tool, while the Check-in API can help foster a smooth pre-arrival experience
  • Be prepared for the upcoming Content API deprecation later this year and early next year by reviewing the migration guide

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