About our Connectivity Advisory Boards

Find out how our special advisory boards drive growth and solve partner friction points through regular discussions around ideas, strategies and industry trends.

What's the advisory board?

The Connectivity Advisory Board is a forum where Booking.com and selected Connectivity Partners can discuss ideas, strategies and trends to drive growth and solve partner friction.


We currently have an Advisory Board for hotels and an Advisory Board for homes and apartments.

Why do we have advisory boards?

The aim of our advisory boards is to have an ongoing dialogue with partners about topics that have an impact on our mutual business. That way, we can align your input with our products and partner programme in order to benefit both sides.

What are the benefits for board participants?

By joining one of the Connectivity Advisory Boards, you can:

  • Connect with your peers and Booking.com executives

  • Stay informed about product and programme developments

  • Discuss the impact of trends on our industry

  • Share your input on how we can best align with partner needs

  • Influence our Connectivity Partner Programme and product roadmap

  • Attend Click., our global event, and Elevate, our regional event

Who can join the boards?

A Connectivity Advisory Board member must be an active partner in the Connectivity Partner Programme, or a Property Management Company directly or indirectly connected to Booking.com. 

We want our boards to be representative of the whole Booking.com Connectivity ecosystem worldwide (hotels, homes, apartments and other unique places to stay), so we’ll involve partners from each region, segment and level of the Connectivity Partner Programme.

Membership is not determined by a partner’s performance, overall Connectivity Partner Programme scores, or any of the specific categories in the programme.

How long do the boards sit for?

Board members must commit to actively participate for a full calendar year. In the last quarter of the year, we’ll evaluate the makeup of the board, and new PMCs and Connectivity Partners will be invited to join the board for the following year.


What are the expectations for those who participate?

We expect all board members to attend and actively participate in a specified number of virtual or in-person meetings. The current minimum is one meeting per business quarter.


We also expect all board members to behave professionally at all times, which means acting in accordance with all applicable laws. 


Board members cannot use their participation to discuss allocation or sharing of customers, to refuse to deal with a particular supplier or class of suppliers, or to misuse competitively sensitive information. This extends to publications or handouts containing such information, which board members may not distribute or make available to competitors.


Negative or disparaging remarks about other Connectivity Partners, corporations or competitors, or their goods or services, will not be tolerated.


Want to help shape the board’s focus?

You can help define the board’s agenda and future discussions by letting us know what topic matters most to you. 

Suggest an agenda topic by sending an email to connectivity@booking.com